Pyconau 2013 – Hobart

Enjoying Hobart after pyconau
Enjoying Hobart after pyconau

Last week I had a fantastic time at Pyconau 2013 in Hobart. The videos of the talks are now available on the pyconau youtube channel, including the two Friday mini conferences, Djancon and OpenStack. They are being added to the pyvideo site too:

With the multiple streams of talks, there are lots that I missed and want to watch. Thanks to the organisers for arranging for the video and publishing them so quickly.

Exploring Science on Twitter with IPython Notebook and Python Pandas

I gave a talk about the way I’m using python for my research. Looking up at the large auditorium before my talk was unsettling, but once I started I enjoyed it. I’ve put my slides and the ipython notebooks I used to generate them onto GitHub

I had some interesting discussions with people afterwards. As I say at the beginning of the talk, I’m really happy to hear suggestions of how I can improve how I’m doing things, so please use the comments if you have any suggestions about my workflow or feedback about the talk.

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