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As part of the my project to make my information accessible from anywhere, I’ve moved all my bookmarks and links into  I’ve removed all the links I had in the sidebar here and used the tag cloud Javascript instead.  The old list of links had become too long and the tag cloud is much more compact.

Clicking on a tag takes you to that topic in my account and you then get the searching power of to find what you are interested in.

The “post to” bookmarklet in my Safari menu bar is good for adding new links to  I’m now trying Pukka to see if it is is enough of an improvement to buy it ($14.95USD).

I’ve enabled the posting of new links from back to this blog, but I’m not sure if it will get too annoying – it is easy for people to just look in to see what are the latest sites I’ve bookmarked.  If I start to use the description field in the posts will be a bit more useful.

I’m also trying out DevonThink Pro, and it has a script to import all the tags into a DevonThink folder. Then DevonThink’s integration with Spotlight means that they are all searchable in Spotlight. That gives quick access to my bookmarks in QuickSilver or LaunchBar.

So far I’ve found much quicker and easier for checking through my saved bookmarks than the bookmarks menus in web browsers.  And having them imported into DevonThink means that they are available offline as well.

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