Augmenting the Web

If you are interested in Augmented Reality, please back this open source project! The BuildAR team have the experience and vision to be able to bring AR into web browsers, but need our help to do it.

I’m really excited by the opportunities opened up for developers by having augmented reality available in web browsers. Please help the project get funded.

UPDATE (17/4/2014): They decided to wrap-up the kickstarter project, too many interested organisations could fund it through kickstarter payments. But going ahead with development.

Augmenting the Web: Bringing AR to Billions of Web browsers

Kiwi PyCon 2013 – Auckland, New Zealand

Last week I went to Auckland for Kiwi Pycon 2013. I arrived a couple of days early and did some sightseeing with Angus, including a visit to Tangleball hackerspace in Auckland

Had an enjoyable start to the conference at the tutorial sessions on Friday. In the morning I went to Let’s learn twisted run by Aurynn Shaw and then in the afternoon I helped out at Introduction to Data Processing with Python run by Angus Gratton.

As I found at pyconau, the quality of the talks over the weekend was great. They were all recorded and are being published in lots of places:

Based on feedback about my pyconau talk, I redeveloped a similar talk for Kiwi PyCon. At the end of the talk, I didn’t repeat peoples questions so they haven’t been included in the video.

The slides and the IPython notebooks I used are available on GitHub – I’m interested in any feedback people have about the talk or about my workflow.