Twitter changed to SSL only for streaming API today

This morning my Twitter data collection program suddenly started failing to connect. I’m using the the excellent twitter4j library for connecting to Twitter.

The error was “Connection Refused” with this response:

TwitterException{exceptionCode=[b5e7486f-24943238 b5e7486f-2494320e], statusCode=-1, retryAfter=-1, rateLimitStatus=null, featureSpecificRateLimitStatus=null, version=2.2.4}

I found out that Twitter has turned on only accepting SSL connections for connecting to streams today. (

I tried setting builder.setUseSSL(true) in Twitter4j, but that didn’t fix the problem. There is a new snapshot build of twitter4j that does fix it (2.2.5-SNAPSHOT). It is available for download from

I’m using Eclipse Helios and Maven and had some trouble working out how to get the SNAPSHOT. In the configuration I have, it picked up the snapshot of twitter4j-stream-2.2.5-SNAPSHOT.jar, but not the twitter4j-core-2.2.5-SNAPSHOT.jar. I tried a few different things to make it get the core snapshot which didn’t work, but then found that disabling the releases in the repository definition worked:

Not sure why the twitter4j-stream snapshot was downloaded but not the twitter4j-core without changing the POM. But with this change, my data collection is working again although I’ve missed a few hours of data.

Canberra Google Wave Hackathon Day – 8th August

I’ve been helping to organise a Google Wave Hackathon Day in Canberra. It is going to be on Saturday 8th August at ANU.  Here is the flyer for it:


9:30am Registration
10:00am Talks
A  presenter from Google (details available soon) will give an introduction to the Wave API.
If you have already been developing for Wave, please consider giving a short presentation about what you have done (doesn’t have to be a formal presentation).
12:00 pm Brainstorming Lunch (BYO or we will take orders & payment for pizza at registration)
1:00 pm Hacking
5:00 pm Demos
7:00 pm Head out for dinner at restaurant (at your own cost).

LOCATION:  Room N101, CIST Building, ANU, North Road, Canberra

You must register if you wish to attend so that a Google Wave Developer sandbox account can be created for you.  Registrations will close on Tuesday, 4th August so that the accounts can be created. Numbers are limited, so please register as soon as possible at:

This day is being organised by volunteers who are interested in Google Wave development and thought it would be useful to have a Google Wave developers day in Canberra. Please indicate if you are willing to assist with organising and running the day. Contact for more information.

We will be providing WiFi internet access, but you will need to bring your own computer. Please have a look at the developer information on the Google Wave site ( as an introduction.

New website theme…

I’ve just updated the sites WordPress them to Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll. I haven’t done much customising yet – it has a *lot* of options.  But I like the basic look of it – what do you think? Please tell me if you find any errors!

I’m still using the default banner images – have to go through my photos and find some suitable ones to update it with.