installing latest gensim in Anaconda

I’m using Continuum Analytics Anaconda python because it was the easiest way to get BLAS working for gensim on OSX Mavericks.

I wanted to install the latest gensim (gensim 0.10.2) into Anaconda from the Python Package index (pypi). I followed this tutorial: Tutorial: Basic tutorial for building a Conda package and this Python Packages and Environments with conda for creating a new conda environment for the new gensim.

Create the package

conda install conda-build
conda update conda
cd PyDev/anaconda-builds/
conda skeleton pypi gensim
conda build gensim

Upload it to BinStar

As recommended in the tutorial, I created an account on BinStar and uploaded the package I’d made to that so I can install it like any other Anaconda package. It also means that other people can use the package from my channel instead of having to build it.

conda install binstar
binstar login
binstar upload /Users/brenda/anaconda/conda-bld/osx-64/gensim-0.10.2-py27_0.tar.bz2
conda config --add channels brenda
conda create -n gensim0.10.2 anaconda gensim=0.10.2

Use the new environment

To activate this environment, use:

source activate gensim0.10.2

To deactivate this environment, use:

source deactivate
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