Kiwi PyCon 2013 – Auckland, New Zealand

Last week I went to Auckland for Kiwi Pycon 2013. I arrived a couple of days early and did some sightseeing with Angus, including a visit to Tangleball hackerspace in Auckland

Had an enjoyable start to the conference at the tutorial sessions on Friday. In the morning I went to Let’s learn twisted run by Aurynn Shaw and then in the afternoon I helped out at Introduction to Data Processing with Python run by Angus Gratton.

As I found at pyconau, the quality of the talks over the weekend was great. They were all recorded and are being published in lots of places:

Based on feedback about my pyconau talk, I redeveloped a similar talk for Kiwi PyCon. At the end of the talk, I didn’t repeat peoples questions so they haven’t been included in the video.

The slides and the IPython notebooks I used are available on GitHub – I’m interested in any feedback people have about the talk or about my workflow.

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