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I’ve just updated the sites WordPress them to Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll. I haven’t done much customising yet – it has a *lot* of options.  But I like the basic look of it – what do you think? Please tell me if you find any errors!

I’m still using the default banner images – have to go through my photos and find some suitable ones to update it with.

  1. Hi Brenda, this new design is very elegant. Of your banner images, i particularly love the picture of the raspberries. I’ve had a little look around, can’t see any errors.

  2. Thanks Kirky! The banner images are good – they came with the theme. Now my challenge is to find some of my own photos to replace them.

  3. Hi…great site…I just stopped by becasue I am looking at sites that use this theme. If you put “Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll” in google you get all the site that use this theme. I would love if you took an look at my site using your theme and see what I have done with it. I am a techno-idiot. I know nothing about bytes and css, html and PHP excepts that these terms mean something to someone. Personally I just kept playing around with all the many features under the design screen and had a ton of fun with it.

    My site is highly customized and coming along very nicely. If you see anything I did that you like I am happy to share anything I learned along the way…although base upon the content of your site I doubt if you need any help in the tech area!


    Steve (I am a medical nutritionist)

  4. Hello Steve,

    I updated the URL in your comment from .com to Atahualpa is a good theme. I like the colours that you have chosen. On your site in safari there seems to be a lot of space under the banner before the content – not sure if that is meant to be there or not.

  5. Hi Brenda…thanks for the taking a look at my site and the feed back! I will look into the browser issues…I have been meaning to view my site in all browsers…did you know that there is a issue with the RSS and E-Mail subscription in an AOL browser? I even communicated this to the author of the theme and he could not fix it. It just display code.

    Again, Thanks,

    Dr. Steve

  6. Hi Brenda…I looked at my site with Safari and the large empty space you pointed out to me is my art! If you have Internet Explorer look at my site…my art is the best part (if I may say so)…what a shame…there seems to be glitches with different functions of this theme depending which browser one uses. This may be a communication problem between my hosting service and Safari and not the theme as I checked your site out in Safari and your pictures show up fine. TOO MUCH TECHNOLOGY AND VARIABLES!


  7. WOW…you won’t believe this one…because you and I communicated and you pointed out the ’empty space’ on my site…the author/designer of the site “Flynn” contacted me directly on my site and told me how to fix it! (It’s due to spaces in the file name of my pictures).

    Amazing. I am sending that guy $$$ as today! He’s looking over my shoulder (in a good way). And thank you Brenda, you helped me out too.


    PS: Don’t use any spaces when naming pictures and if they already have spaces just rename them…good to know.

    PSS: Thanks Flynn at “Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll” The checks in the mail!

  8. Hello Steve, You need to update both the name of the image and also the name in the theme so that they match. It is best to remove spaces, but you can also use %20 to represent a space when naming a file in the theme. I’m still not seeing the image on your page – it is on your site as – so if you have renamed it, you need to also update the name in the theme.

    I’m sure Flynn will appreciate any donations – he has a PayPal donate button on his website.

  9. Hi Brenda and Changing Tides readers. My hosting companies site was down so it took me a while to get to my FTP server to change the names of the picture files…thanks for checking and communicating more great info to me!

    I checked Safari myself and vioia`! I worked! The art is there and I hope you can see it, its brings a feeling to the site. Also, very interesting, my borders are rounded in Safari and square in Internet Explorer and AOL.

    I hope to figure out the RSS, E-Mail and Subscribe feeds problems with AOL soon. If I learn anything I will be sure to share anything that might help my fellow Atahualpaians.

    If you feel like it leave me a comment…aside from Flynn you’ll be the first! That is the next thing I need to work on…bringing traffic to my site. I believe that I have very valuble and important things to share…health is paramount…but not one person has found my site yet…NOT ONE! Unless you count a spammer that got into my site!

    Regards to all,


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