Devonthink Pro – MacUpdate Promo today

Today MacUpdate has a promotion on Devonthink Pro at 50% off the normal retail price ($39.95USD instead of the normal $79.95USD).  If you are looking for a better way of managing information on your Mac, this is a good chance to get DevonThink Pro.

I’ve been using Devonthink Pro this year to store and organise everything I’ve been reading for my PhD. So it now has about eight months of information in it, a mixture of my notes, pdf files and web page archives – over 1000 items. But I can still find anything that I want to refer back to using the search facility, or by browsing the ‘folders’.

The web archive option lets me take a snapshot of any webpage of interest and save it in DevonThink.  This makes it easy to quickly look at different pages (my local copies of them).  It is easy to refresh or open in a web browser to see if the page has been updated on the internet.  I’ve also found that a few pages I’ve saved have now disappeared off the internet, so if I didn’t have the saved copy I wouldn’t have access to that information any more.

Sure, there are things I’d like to see improved.  I’d like there to be a better ‘tagging’ option – there are currently 7 label fields that you can use, but 7 is a bit limiting and the way they work is a bit awkward.  I’d like a way to see the structure of my information (the ‘folders’ I’ve put things into) in something like a mindmap or network map – and even better the ability to move things around in this view.  I’d like to be able to use Skim to read the PDF files and have my Skim notes stored in DevonThink along with the original PDF.

But overall, I’m very happy with DevonThink and I’m sure it has made my research more efficient by saving me time in filing and retrieving information.  It is also becoming useful in finding linkages between information – and I think this will be its real strength as the amount of information in it increases.

DEVONtechnologies say they will have version 2.0 of DEVONthink available later this year, and they have already started their ‘grace period‘ in July – anyone buying DEVONthink now will be able to get a free upgrade to 2.0 when it is available.

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