see conference videos – Zachary Lieberman

Another video from the see conference #3

Zachary Lieberman, Peformance Artist and Researcher speaks on “Making the invisible visible”.

He starts his session with a demonstration of piece called “Manual Input Session“. That uses a camera looking down on an overhead project with a red screen on it. As he makes shapes with his hands and other objects the computer generates shapes and sounds.

Was a fine artist, got into computers because he liked animation and liked the idea of bringing things to life.

He likes the works that he does not to be focused on technology, wants them to be something happening without needing to understand the technology.

Until he was invited to give this talk he hadn’t thought of himself as being involved in information visualisation. But after thinking he realised that a lot of his work is doing something similar. He is trying to make sense of data – the human body, gesture, the voice and come up with a reasonable visualisation.

He has been involved in developing Open Frameworks a C++ library which is also used for visualisation (not released yet).

He is excited and passionate about making the voice visible.

Created both performance pieces (Messa di Voce) and interactive installations exploring ways to see the voice. Went on to adapt some of the technology developed for these for schools teaching children with learning disabilities.

Developed open source software for choreography – rotoSketch – that lets you draw simple lines over video of a dancer and visualise the choreography.

He showed a work called ‘drawn’ that was used both for performance and installation where you start by making an ink drawing and then can move the pieces of the picture around on a screen. Sounds are generated by the shapes and movements.

He concludes by saying his research is about trying to create wonder, to create a sense of wonder for the people who see his work.

His website is

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