see conference #3

Last night I tried to watch the live stream from the ‘see conference #3’ in Weisbaden, Germany. It is a conference for the visualisation of information. With the time difference it ran from 6pm to 3am here, so maybe I’m lucky that it didn’t work. The visual stream was great, but unfortunately the sound kept dropping out after 30 seconds.

This morning the recordings are still not working properly in Safari, but can be watched in other browsers (I’m using Flock). The quality of the video stream is great and they zoom in on the display screen when it is important to what is being discussed so that you can see the visuals well.

The conference website is – To see the videos, go to the ‘live stream’ and then select the presenter you want to watch.

Even with the technical problems, this really shows how much more accessible conferences can be now – you can watch the conference live from anywhere, and the same recording is immediately available to be viewed on demand.

Attending a conference will still be a much fuller experience – it is only by being there that you get to meet all the other people with similar interests. But a video stream is much more effective than looking at written proceedings, especially for a ‘visualisation’ conference.

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